Friday, July 17, 2015

Repainting Some Cuties!

Before leaving for vacation in early June, I won a lot of vintage tiny cake toppers from ebay. I haven't posted on them, as they are similar to these cake toppers here! I finally had time today to repaint the one's I set aside. Two girls and two boys, and here's what they look like now!
 The girl cake topper on the right above, has original color and paint, the one on the left I repainted to look similar to this girl here! But I gave her black hair!
 The one on the left I painted her dress purple, but kept her hair blonde. The girl on the right, I already had. Below, I also repainted the boys!

It was fun to do and I think they look a lot more like their larger counterparts!

 I also made these cute 'Dust bunny Girl N Boy' brooches. They will be taken to Epixcon Event!

Then, I won and received this amazing, vintage made in Germany Mod lamp 1/12 scale! I can't to use it in one of my dollhouses or doll rooms!
I've been wanting this type of lamp for my Haefner and Krullman dollhouse! More later...
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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