Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Roly Poly Dolls!

Quite often you will see amazing vintage roly poly dolls that just catch your eye and make you want one! I am not immune to them either...

The one's I've seen made in Japan often make me want one for my collection, but there are a few from other countries like Russia that I love as well! Sadly, they are hard to find or expensive to own. Still, sometimes we are lucky and find them in other ways thru the internet! Yay!

Today, I received one that is a small version as compared to the one, that I saw last year in Akihabara, post here!
 This cutie is about 25cm or 10inches tall. Great if you want a small version to save on space!
 She is nice and mint and unopened. I have added her to my shop already!
Her tingaling works fine, even the Postal Clerk came out saying, "There's something making sounds inside!" I told her it was a rattle doll. She just smiled at me! LOL

But if you are looking for the larger version at 30cm/ 12in. or middle size at 27cm/ 11in.?
Email me. I can find one for you! Please note: colors may vary.

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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