Thursday, August 13, 2015

Happy Mail Day!

I received a few goodies the past day or two and here's what came in!
 This lovely vintage Modella pieces from Germany, a table with tea set, and a outdoor patio set with table!
 I really wanted this table for Tadie's house, I will remove the tea set and add a wood style table cover! The chairs below may not be the beautiful Diamond Knoll metal chairs Tadie originally had, but maybe these will do as a substitute for now...?

The other day, I got my Photo Novel for Azone's Lil' Fairy dolls! So cute! many photos of the lovely dolls released last year and this year as well!

 Then, my repro "Twiggy" style head bust came in from Taiwan! I ordered this cutie thru etsy here! I've been wanting one since falling in love with the vintage versions... But of course they can be expensive, so this cheaper plastic version is just as nice and I love it!! I may want to get more?
 Nice quality for plastic, and coloring is just lovely and mod too!
 She will be used lovingly!!

Finally, a vintage poodle pin from a dear friend's shop on etsy too! I just fell in love with this Kawaii pin! It will be added to my brooch/pin collection!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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