Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lots of Mail today!

I picked up a total of 6 boxes and two envelopes that were already in my PO box!! Here's what came in!
 I purchased this vintage Darling Daisy Earring Tree via etsy from TwinHeartsVintage! I was drawn to it for the cute face! Very Kitschy!
She is a lovely and a unique addition to my cute collection. I will have her placed in my kawaii shelf with all my other cuties!
 The mirror is pretty much not there! With tag that says, "Hong Kong".

 Then, I also ordered back in June this amazing printed all over shirt!! I had problems at first with 'Non-Reciept' of the shirt, but when it came in... OH my!! I love it! I may get more?!

Then, also my pre-order of Rement: Sailor Moon Crystal - Sailor Senshi no Nichijou 8Pack BOX! When I was 25 yrs. old, I fell in love with Sailor Moon! I used to record all the episodes I could to watch later after work or classes!
 So, seeing that Rement did a set1 Of course I naturally had to get it! I will post more of these gems later...
 Toei Animation sticker on the box too! There are so many cute things! Each box represents one of the Sailor Moon girls! An addition to my collection.
 Not shown, I also received, flooring for Tadie's house. Another cute mod dress from etsy, more on this later... Also some Miner's Industries sets to be added to my shop!!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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