Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My First KukuClara Doll!

A dream come true!! Back in June 9, 2015, while I was on vacation at my sister's home in Washington State. I happened to keep notice of the international release of Marmalade Sky a Limited Edition: Morning and Sunset Clara dolls!!

I actually stayed up after my niece's graduation, to be sure I got my order in for one of the girls. I panicked at first, as the website opened up on my ipad! The dolls showed available for purchase, but for a minute or two, I couldn't sign into the English website? Even more worried, I just didn't bother signing in, clicked add to cart and just went straight to payment, to make sure I purchased one of them!

I wish I could've bought both gals, but settled for Sunset Clara! I immediately, made the purchase, got my confirmation email and went back onto the site. I noticed the girls were not snatched up quickly like most limited edition dolls usually do?! Sure enough, I decided to just browse the web and came back about 5 minutes later... Sold out, was what I found.

Whew! I was happy I did get the gal I wanted, but it was the long wait for them to be produced and shipped, that was the hardest thing to handle... just like Asian BJD's or limited edition dolls, its the waiting that drive us nuts... ugh!

But, when the dolls arrive, they are often so much more than just the act of buying one... It's the happiness you feel inside, when you see their dreamy faces, hold them in your hands. Along with the touch and feel of the doll, and of knowing you did it, you were patient, you were on time in clicking that buy button and now, she is yours all yours to admire, love, and play with...

Sorry, but its true and that's what I feel every time I find or buy a doll that is hard to find to get! Yay me!! She arrived quickly from UPS, I got a call this morning!!
 Sunset Clara above and below. She is so cute. I love her thick legs, and narrow ankles. She reminds me of girls from the 1960s!

 Kukuclara did not disappoint! She is amazing, now I wish I had gotten Morning Clara too!!

More on this cutie soon!!

Thank you for reading my latest obsession! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Halo, may i know the body measurement compare to takara blythe body?
    Thank you

    1. Hello dear, I'm sorry, I no longer own this doll and could not take measurements to tell you. Many hugs, Gigi