Saturday, August 22, 2015

Poupee de Tadie Muz Arrives!!

Oh my goodness! She's here!! I've been searching for a Tadie Muz for a year or so. I used to own three of them back in 2008 - 2009, but sold them! Especially, since I never found her house. Now, that I have her house, I need to have a Tadie to live in it!! LOL

Sure enough one was available for auction via Ebay France, last month! I tried to ask the seller to bid on her knowing I don't live in France. But it doesn't hurt to try... Sadly, he said no. So, I did the next best thing! To get a sweet friend who lives in France to bid on her for me!!

 My dear friend was so kind to win her for me and a lot cheaper than usual too. If I recall right, Tadie usually costs upwards of $200usd!! But this summer was a lucky summer for me!
Above, a look at what was inside the box! Oh my, he even added two of the chairs for Tadie's house too! Wow, so rare and kind of you dear friend! I'm still in shock!
 Sweet message from my friend, above! Tadie, below! She is lovely just like I remembered. Her hair is a short bob style, and wearing her original dress fashion, with boots! I'm not sure if her boots are original to her or not... I doubt it. But still she fits them well!
 A close up of her face below...
 The two chairs, below. My favorite, the Saarinen Knoll Tulip Arm Chair, left, and a Tulip chair, right!

Then, below, I took out my Tadie clone and had them lay side by side... Hmmm... They do not look anything a like! Other than their noses, and mouth slightly. Eyes are completely different, interesting! I wouldn't have noticed that before?! But now, as they lay side by side, it is more obvious!
I washed Tadie's hair and she is redressed in a Pippa doll dress! I will need to put the house together and add the new items that are slowly coming in for the house! More to see soon!

Thank for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Awww! I'm envious! I've been looking for a Tadie for a long time. :( I do believe they sell for a lot more than $200/USD Congrats on your girl! I'll keep looking.....LOL

    1. HI Amy,
      Thank you dear so much. She does show up from time to time. Just keep an eye out! If I see another, I could message you? Just email me! Many dolly hugs, gg