Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday's Mail!

Today has been a busy morning, we woke up to no water on the tap, and having to attend a funeral. Then, boxes at the PO, making sure we picked up a cookie mix for a surprise birthday on Sunday, and a few other stops... Ugh!

But, we made it home safe and sound...
 From Yahoo Japan, a Super Sonico Fairytale Series Figure: Mermaid, and a large Hug Baby Doll.
 Also, from Hobby Search my Custom Lily type A arrived! Yippee!

 This adorable 'Hug' baby doll, was just too cute to pass up. She comes with her original bib. She will need a bit of cleaning, but otherwise a cutie! I will have to decide if she is a keeper?!

Box of the game figure Super Sonico. I found while searching for mermaid dollies...
 She will be added to my for sale page later on! Unopened too!

 This cutie was released and sold out for the first pre-order! I was disappointed, but when I looked a week later, they had her available for pre-order again, so I snatched her up!!
 I love her uniform and she has a unique look too! I can't wait to take her out of box!! More soon!

 Yes! Asagi by the Fushimi Inari Gates! Hafa adai/ Hello!
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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