Friday, August 28, 2015

Vintage Japan Goodies!

I had several slips in the Post today and here's what came in!!

 A bunch of goodies I didn't have to bid on! Yippee! Above, a retro anime girl purse case, a retro blue chair, Bandai doll, a mermaid manga book, Charmed Scarlet mod dress fashion, and Yukiko Tani Address book!
 This cutie made by Bandai is a pocket doll similar in size to Sweet Nonno, Saila or Dawn. She came in this Sindy jacket, more on her later... She will be added to my shop soon!
 Above, Reac made in Japan Volume 5 No. 9 chair collection. It was sold cheap. Very fragile too! It will be added to my dollhouse furniture collection.

This amazing Mermaid Manga book. A lot of pages to read, of two stories of the two mermaids you see on the art below. Really nice condition from the 70s. Amazing Candy Candy style anime art too! I've seen a pencil case with the same art from my friends flickr some time ago!!

 It even comes with a postcard on the last page!
 All original and in mint condition! I may keep this gem for my collection?! Still deciding...?

This vintage retro girl purse case with strap. In good condition too. It will be added to the shop soon as well! Similar art to Macoto style.

Then, this amazing Yukiko Tani Margaret address mini memo! It had an old ribbon holding the pages in, as shown below...
 Above, the before photo. I took out the address memo pages and cleaned the vinyl parts...
 Added the gold ring to hold the pages in place, that was missing, threw away the old ribbon...
 Then, added some red hemp rope along with a cute floral button. Much better and looks beautiful! An addition to my retro anime girl collection!

Finally, vintage Charmed Scarlet mod orange dress fashion Mint in Package! I will add this gem to the shop soon!
 Such a cute mod dress, comes with a hanger and hair accessory!
 Lovely Charmed Scarlet below in the fashion!

I wanted also show, that Tadie can fit KukuClara dress! Too cute!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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