Thursday, August 6, 2015

What's in the Mail and My Designs on POAM!

Today's mail was much anticipated, as I've been waiting for this cutie for some time!! Since 2013, I saw post from my dear friend Heather's blog, here! She shared about some new Azone Picco Neemo characters, like the Lil' Fairies, and a doll named, "Asagi-chan". She was one of the girls I've been waiting to get released, since I fell in love with her blonde ponytails!!

Finally, in a somewhat of a quiet release via Hobby Search, I saw her listed, but in a pink haired version only!!? So, I pre-ordered her and she was came out fairly quickly!!
 Above, 'Yes! Asagi chan' and two Picco Neemo size bathing suits arrive! Yippee! Also a 1/6 size throw pillow below for Tadie House!

 I love her pink hair, and her face is the cutest! With her big anime eyes!!
My anime girls are so cute!!

Then, I also decided to have fun with Francine below!
 She is able to fit Pureneemo XS clothes, and World of Love or Disco Girl fashions!

I also wanted to share with you, since buying that amazing Macoto T-shirt thru POAM, I've now uploaded some designs of my own for sale! check my goods here!!

Thank you for Reading! ~ ggsdolls

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