Saturday, October 10, 2015

More 3D Shadow Box Art Creative-ness!

I started to work on some of my 3D Shadow Box art recently... I was inspired while helping Sara to do her Social Studies project on Land Forms. Don't ask, how that was inspiring, but it was! LOL

The first and last time I worked on it, I didn't like what the outcome was for a "Fairy in the Forest" art ended up. So, I shelved it for quite some time, and never looked back. I even trashed my printouts, ugh. Though I wish I hadn't! Oh well, so I decided to redo a "Wedding" art instead, that was sorta done, but rushed and never really followed through, until the other day!

I took it out of my creative box storage and looked at the pieces again. Luckily, I didn't glue down anything! Whew! I printed out some new backgrounds and used the vintage Ribon Paper dolls that I already had in it...
What it looked like before placing it back into the shadow box frame above. Not shown, but, I covered the edges with black construction paper to hide the areas that are not covered in the background.

 It turned out a lot better than I had originally made it, whew!

Then, I got inspired to make this one below... A "Kodama" art from Studio Ghibli's "Princess Mononoke"!!
 There was a lot of amazing art on them! So, What do you think?!

My first attempt below of Marina back in August 2014. You can see the difference. I didn't clean the edges as much. But, as with all things, we learn from the previous experience...
 Also, this one of Chiruru from "Cutey Honey". Tabytha helped me be cleaner with my cuts on the foam. They both still hang on my bedroom wall!
These are so much fun to create, I may make more in the future, for the shop, perhaps?!
Oh and, by the way, these are 8" X 10" Shadow box frames, they come in 2 packs.

The thing that inspired me to start on them again! She was very proud of her project!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. I especially love the wedding one! SO creative! Do you mean you covered the edges of each cut out with black paper? How hard was that?! Is it hard to get a clean edge on the foam board? I would probably have it all messed up. LOL

    1. HI Sweet Amy, sorry for the delay! No, I just covered the borders. But, I was told in my earlier post that there are strips that can be purchased to use to cover that part. It can be hard if you have a dull exacto knife, so luckily, I invested in a new one! LOL My daughter Taby was the one who showed me how easy it was, it just takes time. Which sometimes I don't have the patience for... LOL! Many hugs my dear, gg