Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Few Yahoo Goodies for the Shop Are In!!

Here's what came in the mail today from Japan and Stateside!!
 From Yahoo Japan, I received a Mitsubishi colored pencil case with pencils, Ribbon wedding paper doll set, vintage plaid pencil case, and nostalgic colored pencil Lot.
 Then, I also received this large lot of vintage felt Christmas ornaments from ebay!!
 Some to be added to my collection and most to be added to the shop later today!! The lot included cute mice, pandas, dogs, and cats!
 My collection of colored mice! The two at the top are one's I already owned and now, I've added two of the same, actually similar, cuz the new one's have soft flimsy bodies instead of the more sturdy ones at the top. Also a white mouse!
 These cute dogs will be added to the shop today!
 I've always seen these large Band Mice, I will probably keep them!?
 Sleepy mouse too!
 My pandas above, the lot included two girl pandas, so the boy panda in the center is not lonely!!
 Smaller cute mice felt ornaments, I will add a few to the shop!

 A closer look at the Mitsubishi colored pencil pink case with pencils above and below. I will add this to the shop as well!
 This one has a handle for easy carry! The artwork is a knock off of Miyako Maki style art!
 Nice, minty pencils, and unused!

 Amazing nostalgic colored pencils! I found a lot of five, a few will be added to the shop!
 I have an older version of this pencil from the 1970s, but these are similar and you can change the colors by replacing the color at the tip! Each pencil is new and unused!
 Then, I won this vintage plaid pencil case above. The seller even gave me some vintage pencils! How nice! To be added to my collection!
 Above, a photo of the vintage new plaid case(left), and my actual pencil case(right), from High School! Yup, I kept it all these years!! It was my favorite pencil case too! And still being used today!!
 I was able to win this amazing Ribbon Paper Doll Wedding set. It was already put together, but I just love the bride and groom! Definitely Miyako Maki's artwork!
 If you look carefully, you can see the previous owner, used a paper handkerchief for the bride's dress and both the groom and bride, have cute floral accents on them!
 There is a dragonfly pin on the card. How Cute! If I am not mistaken, you would get this type of kit when you buy a Ribbon or Margaret Girls Manga, and then put it together! What fun!
More goodies to arrive soon for the shop this week!! Hopefully?!
Thanks for reading and looking! - ggsdolls

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