Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Some Mail Today!!

Monday was a holiday, "Columbus Day" here, so sadly, the Post was closed. I had to wait til' Today to pick up my 4 boxes, or so I thought... instead there were 5 boxes! All small packet stuff, but still a happy mail day for me!
 A small packet from Yahoo Japan. Two items in it, a retro vintage squeaky toy, and a retro girls toy accessory set! Both will be added to my collection.
 I fell in love with the cute retro kitty brooch... So, I decided to bid on it. When it arrived, it has so many cute vintage girly trinkets! Back side of the case.
 You can see all the cute trinkets, a pair of rose earrings, two key chains, a pair of beaded hair ties, two types of hair clips, a watch, fish brooch, necklace with girl pendant, cat brooch, pearl necklace, colorful beaded bracelet, five rings, and a set of stickers!
 I may just keep it to keep other cute vintage girly accessories in?!

Also, this cute vintage retro squeak toy bunny! I've been wanting one since seeing them on Milbee's Toy shop via instagram!! She had a complete unopened set of three cuties for sale long ago, but of course someone snatched them up fast!

The beary below that I won, and in need to a good washing too! Here she is before cleaning...
 Below, the 'made in Japan' markings. She is a cute open eyed yellow 'Bunny'. There is a closed eyed pink 'Bear', and a open eyed blue 'Squirrel'.

My bunny after clean up below...
She sits by my nightstand to greet me!

Then, I also received a new acrylic miniature vase below!
From ebay, this one I love more than the orange one! It so mod looking with its swirls and coloring! This will go into Tadie's house!

I finally received this cheap set of Mary Quant Daisy table & chairs thru ebay! I won it back in early September, but it took almost a month and a half to get to me from the UK?! I generally understand, that it will take some time to get to Guam, but over 30days?! The seller must have sent it on a boat, because it was on parcel post instead of priority or even first class and it was so light it would've gotten to me sooner?! I know I paid the shipping price of priority mail... oh well-_-;
The set is missing the plates, utensils, napkins etc. and there are two chairs that are broken from the base. Thus, the reason I got it so cheap! I wanted it as a substitute to Tadie's dining table that is missing and maybe I could use the chairs as replacements? I will see?
 I will need to break out Tadie's furniture to see if the chairs can match this table or not? I will say this much, the tulip chairs are the same type of tulips chairs in the vintage Modella's set here, only that the base is longer than the regular 1/12 size tulip chairs by Modella... I will show a comparison photo soon!

Last, are these two amazing minty vintage 'made in Japan' Christmas Flower Felt Ornaments from Ebay! There was somewhat of a bidding war, but these cuties are so worth it!
 Look familiar?! Yup, just like my dear Holly here! They are the same style and cuteness! I didn't know they made them as flowers, until now! Nice!
 They will be added to my felt ornament collection! See them in my cabinet below!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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