Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fun in the Sun!

Today, while the girls were at school and Sam was bush-cutting in the yard. I decided to take Tadie to the beach for a few fun shots! Here are the results.

Tadie decided to take a relaxing walk down the shore...

 Tadie: "Hmm, it's a gorgeous morning!"

 Tadie: "I feel the breeze, the warm sun on my face, and smell salty air, ahh..."
Tadie: "This place is so relaxing..."

I also took a little friend to take a shot as well! It was very windy though, not only did Tadie fall over a few times, but the waves were still coming in at high tide. Still, I love the way the water looks in the early morning, it glistens and glimmers, as it welcomes you to jump in! Just gorgeous!
Thanks for viewing! ~ ggsdolls

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