Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Needle Felting Fun, with Sara!

Sara started working on her needle felt kit Monday... Yes, we are really enjoying the Daiso kits our dear friend Shizuka gave us, you can read more about it in my first post, here!

Sara's kit is a cute puppy in a mug. (You can see the packaging in my first post by clicking above, and see the top photo.)

We started off in little steps, mind you as I watched her work the needle into the felt. She was really very delicate and taking her time as she poked thru the fibers.
Forming the core is a lot of work, but it is the easiest part to do. After she finished the first core. The directions say to work on a second one. When we finished the second one, we joined both pieces together and created the head and mouth part of the puppy below!

We started on making the puppy's ears, which was a bit tricky. What I noticed, is that using a regular sponge does have it's disadvantages, that I didn't notice from before... When making parts like ears, feet or arms, the fibers tend to get stuck into the sponge when you are felting it with the needle, so maybe a brush or proper felting mat, is better if you don't want any uneven areas.

We worked on the head and torso that night. Then, went to bed and worked on the rest of the body, Tuesday afternoon. I did the arms and torso ahead of time for Sara, and she worked on the rest.

 Yes, notice that one arm is a bit longer, ugh. Trial and error. The neat thing about needle felting is that you can take it off and do over, or since it was already on, I just tucked it in more and that worked! Yay!
 Now, to do the mug...
 The mug was a lot trickier than we both thought. So, this time, I worked on it to help her form it. There was a lot of adding of the maroon felt, layers upon layers. Just when we thought, okay, maybe we were done?! We weren't... It was a bit more time consuming, but a labor of love. We ran out of the maroon felt, so, we ended up just making due with what we had, and he was done!

 Sara, enjoyed the process and says, "This puppy is my cutie pie!"

 Sara chose this kit from the 3 given, I think even though the process was a bit harder for her to do and myself. (I personally think the bunny would've been easier for her to do! LOL) Still, She did an amazing job! It was a labor of love, and something she would enjoy doing again!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. I thank you so much for doing the post on these little critters... I believe Sara did a great job and she has now inspired me to really really want to get some felt and tools for the kids .. I would love for them to make up a cute little big headed bear just from knowing the basics from you what to do. and what not to do. Thank you. It is a lovely puppy in a cup Sara. Good job.

    1. HI Dear, you are very welcome. Just be careful with little one's. Sara is 7 turning 8, so she did a lot better than I expected. Thank you for reading up on my blog and sharing your thoughts with me. Please be sure to update me on your creations too?! I'd love to see them! many hugs and happy felting, gg

    2. PS Sara says thank you! ^_~