Monday, January 18, 2016

Movie: Wolf Children!

"Wolf Children" by Mamoru Hosada

 I actually watched this movie sort of a year ago or so. My son, Tevin suggested it, and said it was an amazing movie by Mamoru Hosoda. Tevin figured, since we all love Studio Ghibli films that maybe we would enjoy movies by Studio Chizu. I've seen "The Girl Who Leapt Through time", also a film done by the same director, and I loved it. He showed it to us on his laptop, while we were on a family trip in Japan. Sadly, it didn't play all the way thru. So, we never got a chance to watch it since.

Fast forward to recently, my Mother in-law was in Hawaii for a birthday trip last week and she found a copy at the local Walmart there. She gave it to us the other day. So naturally, since it was a holiday weekend we all decided to watch it. We only watched part way of the beginning, the first time. This time it wasn't on a laptop and we watch it on our big screen TV.

 "Whoa, oh my goodness, and amazing!" are my words to describe the art work and the flow of the movie. It was like walking thru a painting, almost. Some parts of the film were so realistic, you had to remind yourself it was animated.

The story itself is very different, and bold in the sense that a human mates with a man that is also part wolf. Taby felt, that was just wrong. But, with that part aside, the story is very beautiful. The way that Hana, the mother of the wolf children, learns to take care of them alone or at least tries too. After her husband dies suddenly, she struggles in the city to care for them, and we see how people can be prejudice or judgmental of the way one chooses to live their life and raise their children. So they move to the country in hopes of a better life for them. Her daughter, Yuki narrates her mother's story to us. Without trying to give away the movie, it is a lovely story. One that you might want to see for yourself, if you haven't!

I give this one a 'Thumbs Up'!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. I like Studio Ghibli films! Will look for this one to watch. I have been itching for a good anime lately.

  2. HI TM, you won't be disappointed! Many hugs, gg