Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Swimmer Products and More!

I have been a fan of SWIMMER products of Japan for quite some time. No, not fishing hooks or a type of bait, folks... LOL

But, cutesy girlie items that are totally kawaii/cute made in Japan. I've found some vintage goodies mostly in the past, etc. that are still in my collection today! But, the latest products to come out of SWIMMER, is just, like, Whoa!

I first liked them thru their facebook page, and when they started to share all the new released goodies. Oh my gawd! Yup, I'm hooked. They are very nicely priced like a 100yen store, the quality is nice too and the style, or design is just too cute for words... So, let me shut up and here is what I found?!

  Please Note: Unfortunately unless you live in Japan or can order from the website, then, it may be hard to get their goods. You could have a friend order them for you, even a third party service can do that as well...

 Instead, I wanted to locate a few older released items thru Yahoo Japan! Yay me! This amazing lot of Swimmer products above came in. But, I mostly wanted it for the cute Deer Mirror!
 It included, a bear key holder - key chain, bunny on skates eraser, a pack of cute doggy wooden clothe pins, below, a purple compact mirror case, swimmer pin, a cat key-shaped ruler, a cat brush, a bunny water bottle...
 The cutest item below, a deer mirror!
 You can place it on your dressing table or hang it up on the wall!
 Very retro kitsch! I will put the other items up in my shop or For Sale page...

 In the same box, came a vintage Pose doll Nun! I got this for a really good friend! I hope she likes it?!

I also ordered this Book, Collector File 001: Girls in Pop by I have one other book and figured I should get this one as well.
 The book showcases a few of Japanese vintage and modern anime and manga artists!
 Makoto Takahashi above, Junko Mizuno below...

 Above: Eco Michiba, below left: Noriya Takeyama, and Satoshi Matsuzawa.
 Not all of my faves were in the book, but still the artwork is an amazing collection in itself. My two books below. I am missing Collector File 002.

An ebay item below also came in, Vintage Penny Brite school outfit. I will try it on Tadie?

 While uptown, I also picked up a few items from the Goody Store! A mod tray, two cute patterned fabrics, and two hole punches, in Cupid and a Ducky! More on them later...

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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