Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Yahoo Japan Goods In!

Today, was another small packet from Yahoo Japan... So here's what came in?!

 Two vintage Fujita Milano Brush Wash or Stamp well, and two gashapon figures from Space Battleship Yamato!

 Yu is showing off the Space Battleship Yamato characters Susumo Kodai and Yuki Mori.
 A gacha toy, I couldn't resist getting this for my collection. These two characters are so cute as they embrace one another... Includes, booklet below.

Another gacha toy below. Also a character from Space Battleship Yamato, Starsha. I thought she was the character from Galaxy 999, the glass lady, but, no, I was corrected.
 She has a similar look as Maetel or Esmeralda of Galaxy Express 999. Just a head bust, but I might be able to use her to custom a doll with her head? I'll see. I love her face and long hair...
 One of the reasons I love vintage retro anime!
 Even her eyes are true to the artwork by Leiji Matsumoto. Simply gorgeous!

Now, onto the brush wash cases...
 I won them in a Lot of two. These amazing Mira Fujita cases are in beautiful condition and lovely with the artwork as well. Both with lovely anime retro ladies. These cases will adorn anyone's work space or desk!
 Yu, shows you the back side of the case.

 Inside, the bottles can be remove to add water. the sponge can also be taken out. A lovely vintage piece to add to your school supply or anime retro girl collection!

 Another look of the front of each case. I will add these rare beauties to my shop! Be sure to look for them!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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