Thursday, April 7, 2016

Just a Few Items from Yahoo Japan and Etsy...

I've been toning down my purchases, as of late... But, a few items came up for auction and one could not resist the price!! LOL

Here's what came in from Yahoo Japan...
 A lot of 4 Showa Era Advertisement miniature signs above part 4.

 I thought that maybe I would like to use these in a miniature scenes or as wall decor in a dollhouse. But, sadly, these are actually larger than I had hoped, darn! Maybe 1/6 in size. I wanted to use it in a 1/12 scale doll scene. I will put these up in my shop or for sale?! If anyone is interested?
 Two of the four shown, my fave the Women's Cream, and below the lady and baby ad!

Then, I also won this vintage Kinder picture book for ages 1 years old to 3 years. A great vintage book for little ones to learn from.
  Above, front cover, below, back cover.
 I really got it for the cute photos of dolls and toys! If you look, the back cover has those vintage Japan type Lego blocks! Cool!
 I love the dolls page most, of course, with a Kewpie, a Shirley Temple doll? A Gofun Baby doll, Kokeshi dolls, just to name a few!
 Boys toys above, and below kinder cooking set, fridge, play food, and telephone toy!

I was also able to win, this Oike Sun-chan original doll! Now, Oike will have a sister! Sadly, this one was very filthy and needed a lot of cleaning up too.
 So, here she is before clean-up.
 After clean-up below...
 I re-sewn her silver button, and flower applique. At the top, if you notice, her flower in the before shot, is backwards?! Weird, a factory defect? I also washed her socks and hat, not photographed. I washed her hair and braided it. The original hairstyle is braids and tied. I added a cute pink plastic flower bands.
 Here she is with her sister. One with side part long hair, and one with braids and bangs! They're about the same size.

Then, I decided to get a few items for Yui from Amiami. I found a plaid skirt and brown cardigan, I can't wait to try on her!! More on that soon too...

A few cute wooden items from an etsy shop here. It was actually fast to arrive, but, some of the items ended up marked in some areas by the black paint on the backs of each of the dolls placed on top of each other in packing? Not sure... Still they are pretty cute!
I found, some wood dolls in two sets, a set of wooden mermaids, a Lot of small deer plaques, and a small coin purse!
 The cute wooden mermaids above, I wanted to use as maybe wall plaques in a dollhouse, but they are large. So, I may instead use them for something else...
 The two sets above and below: are of the cute paper dolls, very popular as stickers, are now wooden cuties you can make in to just about anything your hearts desire?! Ohh, can wait to see what I can use these as...
 I love that there are boys too! Yay!

These cute tiny hexagon plaques with deer on them, I really wanted to use as small photo frames inside a dollhouse, but, they are extra tiny. Maybe I can use them in 1/24 scale dollhouse, like my Miners Rooms in Miniature?! We'll see...
The cute Japanese style tiny coin purse or wallet. I decided to just get one and see what or where I can place this... maybe on my key chain?!
 These items were fairly cheap, a nice price in case you want to make them into other things?! More later...

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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