Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mail and Some Flowers in the Yard...

It's been a somewhat busy week. Mostly with appointments. So, here is was came in the mail! I was able to find  through an online shop in Japan, this cute, yet small, vintage ceramic dog, and a 1970s style Petit coin purse!

My friend ordered the items and they came quickly to her, then to me.
 The coin purse below has the popular 70s style theme, and reminds me a bit of "Holly Hobbie".  It even comes with a little bell, just in case you want to make noise as you take out loose change! Ha.

On the back side, two love birds below. They remind me of Ayumi Uyama type of collectibles or maybe Lefton ceramic birds. Definitely love the art on the backside!
 The coin purse is nice and mint for its age.

Another look at the ceramic dog closely... The dog seems to be missing hair at the top of its head?
 Not too bad in condition for its age, but I thought it was a lot larger?! Darn, only about 3 inches tall! Ugh, I have to remember that the size was given in centimeters. Oh well, it was cheap so I shouldn't complain. It probably had a partner, but was lost by its previous owner...

I was not happy with her blah look... So, I decided to fix her!
 Here are before and after shots side by side. I removed most of the double stick tape, at the top of her head, and the green ribbon. Then, replaced it with nice hot pink fluffiness! Yay!

I definitely think the hot pink color brings out the blush on its cheeks, and she looks so much better. A very cute ceramic collectible indeed. I am trying very hard not to collect or want too many. A small few are just enough for me, along with my favorites!

Then, I decided to take some early morning shots of the flowers in the yard that are in bloom...

A gorgeous morning it is!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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