Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Latest Amazing Finds!

Oh my goodness, I have been on a roll the past few weeks... I found some "Wish List" items online, and they came in the past two days! Yippee!

This poor cutie needs a repaint, and sold cheap. I found her thru etsy. I just had to get her!
 Vintage Squeak Toy Baby below afterwards... I think she turned out nice. She will be a great addition to my baby doll toy collection.

Then, I also found this cutie via etsy as well. He was in Canada and nicely priced also. He is a character for the camera company "Yashica"1963. I read he was a part of a giveaway back then. So, he is easily found often, but can be expensive to buy if it is directly from Japan. This one I got, was a lot smaller then most I've seen, and he is missing the Japanese characters on his sailor hat. Still, I've always wanted one!

 He will be a great addition to my rubber doll/toy collection!

I was able to order this Roly poly in blue, below, from Retro! I've always wanted to get a Roly poly I can fit it into my display cabinet. Whew!
 There are other colors available, red and yellow.

 While searching for vintage ceramic cuties, I came across these two gals on etsy. They are probably 1970s? They do have a serial number for each of them. But, I just love their red hair and stances. So cute!
 Sadly, the one in a tan top, has a hairline crack from hand to neck, and the seller did not say anything about it. Ugh.

 This cute modern enamel pin from etsy, is quite unique. I couldn't resist the quote, "Higher the hair, The closer to God." Ha. Nice. Colors are nice too. Danny Brito shop is here on etsy. I love some of his other creations too! I may get another soon?!

Then, my orders from an online shop came in as well... Two sets of vintage retro coloring sheets. I will add one to my shop, the other will be a part of my collection. Also, a really cheap Takara Chi-chan dolly. She is missing a leg, but I love her outfit and face. I have plans for her! More later...
 The two coloring sheet packs below. Each come with about 8 sheets of kawaii anime retro girly sheets.
 I like the backside of the bag too, see below.
 The eight sheets to color.
 Chi-chan is just too cute. I have plans for her, so I will share more soon...

Same online shop I got the coloring sheets and Chi-chan above, I found these lovely tan cuties. Both standing about 9 inches tall. I will have to decide, but both may be listed in my shop soon?!

 I couldn't resist getting them. If not for myself, someone will love them...

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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