Thursday, April 14, 2016

OyatsuBox April Is in!!

Yay, my subscription for April 2016 is in... This will be my last box for a bit. I won't be getting a box next month. I've decided to take a break, besides funds being low. I may start up again maybe later in the year depending on the next few months.

I'm sure next month's will be just as awesome. Oh well. Here is what came in for April!

So many familiar items and some interesting one's that I thought I would like to try from the past! Yay!
First, is the Apple Pie Caramel Corn! What?! Oh my goodness, I can not wait to try this!! I love Caramel Corn, and so far the girls and I love strawberry, caramel, regular and now this one?! Oh yes please!
 I heard from a dear friend Ame, that there was a special edition Kit Kat and this month it's Kit-Kat Raspberry! Yum! The latest flavor from Japan, with smooth pink chocolate and creamy raspberry flavor... Sounds delectable!
 Next, is Kracie HimoHimo Candy, a braid candy gummy rope, combined with cola and Ramune flavors... interesting. I think Sara might like this one?! Ha.
 Below, Jan-Ken-Pon/ Rock Paper Scissors Gummy, grape gummy shaped like a rock, paper or scissors. How fun!

 Next, Petit-Baked Pizza biscuits. Dough flavor with baked cream cheese and tomato! I've seen this flavor at Tokyo Mart here on Guam. Also, Kameda Variety Pack, 10 different kinds of classic Japanese snacks, like seafood, senbei and much more!
 Oh my, I've been wanting to try this one above, Natori Neri Plum Candy! A traditional sour plum/Ume dagashi candy. A friend, Natsuko, made these, and shared her experiences thru flickr. She made me want to try some so bad. Here on Guam we love Sweet/Sour seeds, which are similar. Can't wait!  Beside it, is Umaibo-Choco Cream, a special Umaibo pack filled with sweet chocolate cream puffs.

Puccho Peach, UHA's Puccho in a ripe peach flavor. Each piece is infused with tangy candy bits, you can see it on the picture!
 Pocky, Sweet Milk flavor, ooooh! The newest Pocky flavor from Japan. Each crunchy stick is coated in a thick layer of sweet milk cream. Yummy!
 Lastly, Milky - Ultraman Edition, cool! A new collaboration between Fujiya's Milky Candy and Ultraman. There are 5 different box designs to commemorate it. Cool!
 The latest Gachapon, looks random? I'm not into Mario Brother's, but it looks like Princess Peach rocking a catsuit?! Ha.

 Very cute! I know Taby might want this one!

Lastly, a dress set for Yui and Meyercord decals.

 I wanted a new dress for Yui to wear, so I found this available thru ebay, and also the Meyercord decals. These are fuzzy and large. I will save them for now...

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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