Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vintage Cuties in the Mail...

Here's what came in Today's mail...

I found this lonesome vintage ceramic Scottish Terrier Japan, missing her partner. She was too cute to pass up and was fairly cheap too. I may add her to the shop...

Then, a dear friend Christin,e of kitschandkawaii on IG, was selling some goodies, and I snatched up this cutie! I'm so glad I did too.
 Cute note from Christine above and a mint in box cutie...
 I have seen this cutie with many collector friends. So to be able to own one, is serendipitous! One of my wishlist items. Yay!
 She is minty gorgeous! She will be added to my growing vintage ceramics.

I had also bidded on this set of vintage lithograph Rico Tomaso "Surf Girl" prints through ebay. In their original vintage frames. I will keep one and add one to my shop.
 Similar to the vintage Litho ballerinas I got last week. This one will hang on my wall.

Lastly, these two cuties from Yahoo Japan, seller called them "Twin-chan" dolls, because they were sold together.

 They both remind me of Junior Margaret a talking doll. But in smaller form. They both came in their original outfits, one missing her panty.

 I cleaned them up and both will be available in the shop.

Cute girls for sure!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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