Friday, July 1, 2016

Being Creative in July!

I decided to upcycle or update a few things this past week and here's what I've done...

 I received some dolly stickers from China thru etsy to use on my Stewart spice containers. I've always liked the cute vintage canisters with the cute baby decals. So, I made my own, since most of them are impossible to find for sale...
 The cute animal stickers were great to use. So, what do you think?
 My spice containers will be used for other things...

Then, I was inspired to take out my Abielle head busts, and retook some photos of them using the nice mod print fabric I have.
 Love the print behind them, so mod 1960s!

Also, I took out my favorite mermaid vintage books, mostly to see if I wanted to sell any or the new one?
These four are my faves and were the cheaper one's to get... I may just keep them.

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Ooh, I got a cute little pencil case with an adorable girl on it just like your stickers! Have you shopped much on AliExpress? I find a lot of adorable things to buy there, it's so much trouble. The only down side is that sometimes things take a month to two months to arrive. But it's fun getting tiny Chinese goodie bags in the mail!

    1. Hi Dear Pandy,

      Yes, I've seen them via Aliexpress! I love the goodies there. I haven't actually bought anything from the site. But, its good to hear you do get your items even though it may take a long time. Thanks for the info. dear. Many hugs, gg