Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Holy Grail for Collectors in France!

Today's mail day was a surprise! I have been searching since seeing this kitsch item earlier this year... on Pinterest. I've actually seen it a few times before. This vintage kitsch ceramic item is actually a bunny or rabbit head string holder! Yup, I kid you not. This cute ceramic string holder is so popular even in France, that if you find one, you might want to hold onto it. As so many collectors, like myself, here in the States and everywhere else, want one!

Considered the Holy Grail for vintage ceramic collectors in France. You can't resist wanting one for yourself! I tried searching under "String Holder" and you will get maybe one or two showing up, but mostly a cat string holder by Holt Howard. So, because I was searching in the wrong places, I never found one. Except back in May, when a seller put one up on ebay. It went for around $60, and I wasn't the winner, bummer. So, I searched through IG, and tried the hashtag in French, and Boom! There were many photos tagged. So many people who found theirs at flea markets or vintage shops... But, sadly, none were for sale. Until, recently. Luckily, the seller decided to use ebay and had an auction, instead of a "Buy it Now". Whew.

I of course wasn't able to bid, being outside France... So, luckily, a sweet dear friend, was able to do it for me. She won it! So much more cheaper than the one I had lost, Yay! But, that would be made up with s/h all the way to Guam... not stressed, as it was so worth it!! And it was... It arrived to me in less then 10 days and all the way from France too?! Yippee.

 Cute note from seller perhaps? Hehe.
 The amazing string holder, not sure the name of the maker, but we all love the bunny's big eyes and cute face. It reminds us of many of the vintage ceramics from Japan!
 There is a hole at the side for you to place scissors into. The roll of string can be placed inside at the back, and then you can hang the bunny up on a wall, as the string line comes out of the mouth.
 Just a dream come true for me as a collector. Thanks again my dear sweet friend in France! You have made my year and then some! I'm gonna put this baby on my dresser, so I can see it when I wake up! Teehee...

I also received from Yahoo Japan, these cute items...
 Vintage ceramic Japan deer couple in gold. Since I can't find one of the polka dotted one's this cute couple will do.
 ...and they were featured in Ayumi Uyama's book about Kawaii Deers and Pandas!

I also Binned this cute vintage deer and bunny fabric. I need to get some pom pom tassels and make some pillows!

Thank you so much for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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