Friday, September 9, 2016

Gadgets and Cute Pins by Vinnieboy Vintage!!

I recently, decided to get the cheap version of the accessory for your phone camera... Saw the ad via facebook while checking updates... The original was expensive, and sadly, you can't buy one, you have to buy two. I don't need two?! So, I searched ebay and found a set for just $9.78!

Yes, peeps you get what you pay for, and I'm not complaining. I just wanted to check it out, and it's pretty neat, I must admit!

 The box was crushed, but all contents were fine... The kit includes, a handy bag, 3 lenses, Fisheye, Wide, and Macro Lens.

The Fish eye lens gives that distorted look. Not bad.
 The middle lens or Wide Lens, is about the same as taking a photo with my regular iphone lens...
 Lastly, the Macro lens, it comes attached to the Wide lens, so you will have to take it off. It wasn't too bad, but you would have to be really close to the subject in order to take a clear photo...
 Pretty interesting and you are able to clip the lens onto your smart phone. A good cheap investment, but it you want better quality, buy the original.

I also received some retro cute pins made by Vinnieboyvintage on etsy!
 I've always loved her pink pearly kitty. I'm glad, since I can't locate a real one, at least I have this one. Yay!
I also bought the Miss Priss tea pot pin! Too cute!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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