Friday, September 30, 2016

Two Bunnies are Better Than One...

Believe it or not? I found another vintage ceramic bunny, whilst, searching for other vintage goods!

 It was on an online shop in Japan. I was able to have my friend purchase it, and here it is...
 The one on the left is the new bunny, and the one on the right, from my trade.
 There are always differences in production. New bunny is slightly more tilted towards the right, and her face is a bit more yellowed from age, than my trade bunny.
 They are twins, so cute and sweet! A great addition.

Then, I did some shopping via Goody Store and found a few more fabrics, in prints I've been looking for, and the LED Star light I shared via Instagram.
 I also found these cute floral tins there. Below, I've added some cute stickers and paint to them.

 The lids are cute, with these faux diamond top, which are actually cabinet knobs?! What! LOL

Cute tins for sure!

Thanks for Looking! ~ ggsdolls

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