Tuesday, October 25, 2016

For My Collection...

Lately, I am finding myself liking a broad range of vintage items, that are not doll or toy related, somewhat?

You probably could tell already! LOL

 I got this cute Ceramic Lamb planter from etsy. I'm not much into planters, but, I loved the colors and the fact that it was small, that made me decide to get it. Along with its cheap price.
 Obviously made in Japan. The eyes are always similar with Japan made ceramics. Huge eyes in a whimsical stare, that just makes you recall many sweet childhood memories... ahh.

This very Mid Century modern vintage Tresor Verlag, coin bank, art print box, from West Germany. Also, from etsy.
 This is of a Blonde girl feeding milk to her cat. Very Mid Century Modern. At the top of the frame is a slot for coins.
 There is a keyhole on the back of the frame. Sadly, the key is missing. Still a lovely design and it will be a great addition to my art collection.

I am also shocked with myself for wanting this... but, I have seen some beautiful vintage aluminum thermos collections on instragram, that are amazing. Mostly made in China, these thermoses were from the 1940s or 50s, and to this day, some still maintain gorgeous colors. So, I got one from Let's Color Your World online shop.
To maybe own one or two, would be nice. It arrived to me today, and I didn't realize how big it was? Oh my!
She even gave me a few gifts for shopping with her, how sweet! I love the tiny Matryoshka nesting doll, and these very cute postcards!

I was also able to snag this cutie! Made by Bitter Squeaks, the amazing, Kate Hart, a pink Sun Rubber Bear pin/badge. Since I can't afford the real one. Yay! So cute too. It will be added to my growing pin/badge collection...

 Just a few more shots of the lamby, and also the cute Bunny bank...

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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