Saturday, October 22, 2016

Making time to share...

Okay, sorry for the delay... But, here are some items that came in Yesterday and Today's mail. I will be adding a few of these items into my online shop soon! LOL

First, I wanted to share a trade I recently made with a fellow collector via IG. She wanted one of my flocked bunnies. I really didn't want to trade... but she made me an offer I couldn't refuse. One of my ISO's below. A large bunny bank from France. She is actually a part of a couple. The boy bunny I will get someday. But, she is my fave of the two. Now, I have her! Yay

 Also, some quick shots of Reset chan and Wanda chan...

 I had fun dressing and redressing them...

 Okay, on to the mail... He he!
A box from Yahoo Japan came in, and I won a lot with baby plush toys, which includes a Bunka baby! Oh my... A ceramic Rune Naito Bunny with strawberry bank, a tan baby boy soft vinyl doll, and I found a pink Swimmer bear mirror, not in my collection.
 Rune Naito bunny bank will be added to shop online shop soon. Lovely condition, just missing its black rubber plug. So adorable!
 The Swimmer Bear Mirror compact in pink with blue ribbon. I believe this is from the first release. To be a part of my collection.
 This cute tan boy soft vinyl doll. Only the head is able to move. I was really surprised no one outbidded me on this one... Generally, I do?! Shocked. This is the sitting version, I've never seen. Mostly the stand up version, have shown up. Also a part of my collection. I need to clean him up.

Next, this awesome lot, I mostly wanted for the large Bunka baby doll in it! I will be adding the other two plushies, that came with the baby in my shop. But, the Bunka baby will be added to my collection.
 I have been wanting a Bunka baby since seeing Melissa's Bunka back in 2011, HERE! I even tried to buy one of her handmade one's... But, sadly they sold out and she doesn't make them anymore-_-;
 I agree with her, its about the look of the Bunka, and the feelings this simple baby doll evokes in those of us that enjoy collecting pose dolls, baby dolls, etc. This cutie will need some fixing, to give me that feeling... More later in the post?!

The monkey music plush toy was in the lot, and this cute dark purple elephant plush. I will add them to my shop soon.
I immediately went to work on the baby bunka...
 I started off with cleaning up its hair, a lot of yarn came out, but I was able to salvage what was left of it. Cleaned it up and glued them back on. I washed the bib, and allowed it to dry off. Dusted the Bunka off, and then decided to add some paint to its face...

I took out the pearl bead at the center of the eye, and trimmed off the excess thread. I painted on some eyebrows, and added white irises with white paint, to the bunka's felt eyes. After regluing them in the areas that were loose.
I was thinking to add eyelashes, but was afraid I might make a mistake or make them ugly... so I didn't do them. I did try to add some blush, but what I normally use for figures, didn't quite work for stocking material. I will have to ask Melissa what she uses on this material to give blushing to her posedolls... In the end, I was overall very pleased. The Bunka baby turned out well, and its new look definitely evokes sweet feelings of childhood... Exactly, what I was looking for!
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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