Friday, October 28, 2016

Some Goodies That Came In!

I had some issues with my online shop... Now, its fixed. So, if you are trying to buy items. It should be working now. Sorry about that.

Some amazing finds came in today!

This one from ebay for my collection, a large meyercord blue bunny decal. So adorable!

This little Gege doll by Sekiguchi I found thru an online shop in Japan. She needs cleaning up, an apron, pantaloons and I might get her another hat... more on her soon! I may keep her?! LOL

This amazing online shop find!! Retro tin canister with cute puppy retro decal. I am having such a hard time deciding to keep it or not?

 Just adorable, and looks so at home on my dresser with all my other vintage goodies...

I had to stop by at the Goody Store and picked up a few items...
 I found this cute Bear Katyusha ears, there were bunny ears and cat ears too! Some masks, and other festive Halloween items.
 I found this light up pumpkin. He was the only one left. I asked the clerk if she had batteries since he didn't come with any. There were a lot of ceramic pumpkins, but this one was the last-_-;
More on him later...

I was playing around with the bunnies and made this via Lumyer!
They make me smile... Enjoy!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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