Thursday, October 20, 2016

Things in the Mail...

I've been really busy working on the new studio apt. we will add to our list of Guest Houses for rent. So, I haven't had time to work on my blog or other things... But I just had to stop and take a break to show these goodies that came in...

I was able to snag this little cutie via IG, from a live sale. I got her for 5 bucks! I am beyond happy. She is very cute and I like her coloring she matches my items on my dresser!

Then, I also found this gem via etsy. I just had to get her. She was on my fave list for a few months now. I tried to find any other versions out there and there are none?! The print is by Dallas Simpson girl and fawn 1960s. But majority of the artist works are of a girl or boy, meant for a child's room or nursery, and these are similar to Margaret Keane of the same era. To find this one is rare, unless someone else can show me their print?
 A closer shot...

While the family and I stayed at our friends condo the past weekend, we went to our local grocer's and found this by Fujiya Look Royal Chocolates. It has tiny freeze dried strawberries in the center with white chocolate and outer chocolate coating, yum!

Then, also earlier this week, my son went to South Korea for a quick trip to sight see and get a tat. LOL
 He brought back these goodies for us...
 Totoro and Kiki pop up cards.
Last thing for today. I finally received a much anticipated item. A 2005 Wonder Festival box of Wanda & Reset Chan figures, mint and complete! Yippee!
 I've seen these cuties via IG while doing some searches and another member had two cuties she shared. I didn't even know they were out there... LOL
 There are 12 boxes in the set.  So that should give us 2 of each, right?
 Nope, I only have one blonde girl, the one I wanted the most too-_-; Oh well. I have extras of the other figures. I am showing you the sets given, also two sets that you can paint yourself.

 Wanda-chan/W-0 pink haired with pink devil costume, Wanda/W-1 light brown hair with black jacket striped top, and tan skirt, Wanda/W-2 Black hair with blue school uniform, (not shown) Wanda/W-00 unpainted version, comes with school uniform and regular dress outfit.

Reset-chan/R-0 purple hair in black devil costume, Reset/R-2 Blonde hair with Blue, red and white school uniform, Reset/R-1 Dark Brown hair with tan jacket, and grey skirt.

You can take off the heads, clothing are interchangeable and stands too! I will have so much fun with these cuties!
Reset-chan is my fave... Even their undies are cute!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. I love that Kiki's Delivery Service magnet set! It's so cute!

  2. Hi Oly, thank you dear! Me too! We have a few of Studio Ghibli magnets on our fridge so these were a great addition. Many hugs, gg