Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Few Rare Finds!

I am so excited to share with you these rare finds that came in today...

...This vintage Japan Cake Topper? I say cake topper, because her body is stationary and only her head moves. Also, because I remember seeing them, as a child. It was one of my cousin's birthday gatherings, a doll just like this one, was on her cake. I recall, asking my Mother if I could keep the little cake decoration, and of course since it wasn't my birthday, I couldn't... Back then, we must have gotten many of our cake decorations from Japan. Especially, since Guam is a close neighbor.

That's probably why, many of my childhood memories revolve around Japan made goods. Duh, LOL
 The doll head is definitely a Yes/No Minny doll made by Tsukuda, 1967. Also by Perfekta. The closed eyes version is very rare, even for a Yes/No Minny doll collection! Wow.
 Here dress in green, with white collar, and two ponytails with yellow ribbons. I will need to replace later...
 She probably sat atop a cake showing off the number of a girl's birthday or the name perhaps? As her hands stretch out and upward.

A great position for a scene here! Minny playing with her baby doll.

Another rare find. This is my second vintage aluminum thermos made in China, Deer Brand with Cherry Blossoms. First thermos, here.
 You can find these more so in Australia, but, to find one Stateside, rare, and I did off of ebay! Yay me.
 A great addition to my small thermos collection. I may just get one more? Hehe.

This last rare find, also from ebay, for today. A vintage Rune Naito Girl figurine Coin Bank. Missing her plug, she is quite rare. I've mostly, seen Rune Naito banks, as a Sailor or a British Soldier. So, to find one of a child, and a girl nonetheless.
 Brunette girl with jumper, holding an umbrella. You can see her made in Japan sticker.
 Sweet face with freckles too!
With these older versions, notice the eyes are stickers, instead of painted on eyes. Interesting. I may decide to add her to my shop? But, so much cuteness.

I found a vintage straw hat for the small Gege, and washed her hair.
 I may add her to my shop too?

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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