Friday, November 18, 2016

More Happy Mail Today!

Three items arrived today and I'm just thrilled!
First, this much anticipated item, I found via IG. While searching through collectors photos, I came across a collector who had a similar vtg celluloid bunny that I had. I DMed her and asked if she would sell? Sure enough she did! I was so thrilled, and now my bunny will have a friend! This special package arrived all the way from Australia!
 Peeking out behind the bubble wrap and cute box he came in...
 This is about the same as my other celluloid bunny here, but in a standing position.
 His face is a bit more pale. But, he is in great condition with little to no flocking missing. Yay!

 He has a lot deeper red than my other cutie. They've become good friends already.

Second, I was able to get this cutie for a really nice price compared to the prices I've seen her listed for as of late. This one was through ebay. I've been wanting to get one since seeing them for sale back in 2008!
 Someone Stateside, had a lot of these gals for sale, at first, I recall she was only about maybe $25. Then, I kept putting her off, by the end of 2011, I remember the last one listed was for something like $50?! Oh well, I told myself... It must have been time for me to get one.
 Because, she was available on ebay and she still had her plastic on her head. Yay me! A great addition to my dolly collection.

Last, but not least, is this amazing piece or should I say pieces!! I have been on a search to find the maker of these amazing miniature Twiggy 1960s heads since seeing them by accident last year or was it the year before??!! Anywho, I finally found him! Yippee!
 Just like the Human-size versions, they are very intricately made. These amazing miniature twiggy head busts are printed by a 3D printer I believe? I saw in a Yahoo Japan auction once, of a Momoko fashion being sold and in the background of the scene was a tiny Twiggy head!!? Of course, I searched and searched. The closest I came across to finding it, was a listing through etsy...
 The seller had a few sold. But, when I wrote her to ask if she had any more, she said she sold out-_-; and would not be making more. Ugh. From my sadness, I found one person who bought from the shop if she was willing to sell hers, but sadly, she said "No." That of course didn't stop me from searching.
Longer story shortened, LOL, I found a photo of the very same miniature head via IG. Contacted the person, and found out it was he who made them. What luck! Though he doesn't sell outside of Japan. I was able to find a way to still order them from him. Yay me! It took a little over a month to finish, but, I am so very happy with my purchase. The quality is amazing and even the weight of the miniature. I can't wait to put her in a tiny display scene. I did try to paint the faces, but sadly, they are so small and my hands are not as steady as they used to be-_-;

Still, they are well made and now, I can carry one with me in my purse! If you'd like to know more here is his website! He has other amazing items too! He has about three color styles for the twiggy head bust.

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls 


  1. Ohh my god!!! I must must must be able to get my hands on one!😍 It's 1am in the US and I was asleep but touched my phone to see the time and saw you IG post and now I was frantically trying to see how I can purchase one!😭 Will you ever possibly sell one? I'm dieing from cuteness overload!😵 You seriously have the cutest things and I'm soo jealous!

    1. Awe, you are very kind. Thank you again so much dear. Which one do you speak of? hugs, gg

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    1. Hi Tracy, Awe, thank you dear <3 Hugs, Gigi