Friday, August 19, 2016

1950s Celluloid Kewpie Bunnies!!

Oh my goodness... no words can express the cuteness of these two amazing 1950s vintage Kewpie Flocked Bunny Dolls!

My fave past time, as of late, is looking through instagram for other collectors goods... Yes, goods! Most share their collection via IG, but, there are a few that also, like I do, showcase what they have in their shops! While looking, I came across a user by the name of "BobsGoodJunk".

So many vintage ceramic, etc. items in their collection. Catherine, had shared some items up in their shop, and I decided to look and see what they had... To my surprise, where two flocked bunny dolls with doll faces! I Dmed her to ask if they were still available, and they were!!

OMG, I was just about to go to bed early, because classes were about to start, and I'm the kind of parent that wants their child to get in the habit of sleeping early for school. I jumped up and got onto the computer and quickly searched for their etsy store... Sure enough the little cuties were still there?! In shock, I immediately placed them into my shopping cart and made for the paypal button... That was last Friday!

They arrived safely to me a week later, Yay! Looky...
 Catherine was so sweet and even sent a postcard with them. They're a lot smaller than I had imagined, but that's okay, and they are not ceramic, but, made of foam, from the look and feel of it.
 Their faces are celluloid. Even with a few areas needing a bit of flocking, they're both still adorable.
 I have only seen collectors bunnies in ceramic, so, to find these in foam is quite interesting. I wonder if there are larger versions?

 Just adorable. Definitely keepers! You'll see more of these little guys.
Just a quick pic to showcase both vintage music toy wine glasses above, my first one on the right, and the one that has already sold in my shop, on the left!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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