Friday, January 20, 2017

Amazing Recent Finds...

After the holidays, I was doing my usual searches through the internet, and a couple of amazing finds arrived in the mail today! I am still awaiting a few more goodies, teehee!

 MerryBee had this larger tin canister with cute Meyercord repro decal on it. I just couldn't resist and decided to get it. Now, I have two!
 I may repaint the lids to match?

 Just too cute on my wall cabinet too. My other find was these two hard to find outside of France, ceramic cat and rabbit wall scissors holder. I saw them up for auction via ebay France. Sadly, they ended with no bidders, what?! No way! So, I was able to contact the seller and she was kind enough to sell both to me. Yay!
 Just too adorable to pass up too. I will keep the cat and add the rabbit to my shop.
I've seen them hanging on the walls of my fellow IG collectors of kitsch. This one does have a place to put string through.

The bunny is different, it has a place to put the scissors, but not the string?
Still cute and a great addition to any kitsch wall decor or hobby room.

One of my favorite finds, is this lovely vintage ceramic cup, mug with the cutest face! My favorite and will be displayed with my other treasures on my dresser...
 I just became friends with a fellow collector Jessica on IG. She had so many cute vintage items up for grabs, including this one. I was surprised at first no one, snagged her? So, I checked with Jess and it was still available.
 Isn't it just the cutest mug ever! Doing the happy dance right now...
 Definitely a lamb, the mug has a pattern all the way around with no cracks, or marks that I can see. In lovely condition.
 Sticker at the bottom. I wonder if it was part of a set?
So, thrilled. Thank you Jessica, I love my new mug!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. The tin canisters are super cute! Yes definitely paint the lids to match :)

    1. Hi Shazza, thanks dear. I will ^_~ hugs, gg