Thursday, January 12, 2017

This Week...

It's been another busy week, mostly from driving. We live, in what most would call, the country side of Guam, or in the Jungle is more like it. LOL.  But, everyone, laughs and say, "That's nothing!" I agree, but when you live here long enough, it eventually feels far away from everything...

I had to take Sara to school, since her bus was late to get her, on Monday. Taby had to be taken out, for not feeling well, and Tevin, needed me to take him, to and from his eye appt. Because, the norm now, is to dilate the eyes as a part of the check up.

Today, I was finally able to just do house work, computer work, website work, taxes... Whew and not have to worry about driving anywhere, with the exception of the short drive to the village to pick up mail. Yay!

Here's what came in...

I got this cute Sailor Moon Mini Star Locket Compact gashapon toy by Bandai. I believe the 2nd in this series. I been thinking about getting one for sometime to use in some of my photos... 
 All plastic, it looks like a music box, but it doesn't play.
 Instead its just a model, great for cosplay or to keep tiny things in. The top opens to reveal the crescent moon, underneath that, is an area you could keep mints or perhaps a teeny tiny toy?!
 Backside has a mock up of the music box turn key. It just turns when you push it, but doesn't really play anything, darn. Oh well.
 It'll be great in my jewelry toy shots.

I also received, my 2nd purchase form wildgravity on IG. This cute handmade Rushton Bunny brooch. Taylor made this cutie in her second batch and I was able to get one. Yay!
 She also added some cutie gifts. So sweet!
 If one can't afford the real Rushton skunk or bunny, I say, be sure to get one of these cuties from Wildgravity on IG! They are amazingly scary cute! Both hang on my tote for display...
 The past weekend we saw on cable "Oz the Great and Powerful". The movie just reminded me I've always wanted the cute little China Doll that was Oz's friend. I was able to get the 4" version via ebay, without having to buy the whole doll set. Nice!
So stinkin' cute!

I also have these items up for sale. You can find their listings on my website here, if you are interested? Just message me there! The boy doll is in my etsy shop.
 The yellow plush handmade retro dog from Japan artist. The mini tote bag with retro vintage fabric.
 This nude bottom cutie is also available.

I was able to try out this yummy Morinaga Yaki Pudding or custard pudding, flan type. It was delish! Now, I know where to get it, at Tokyo Mart on Guam.
Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. China doll is so cute! I wish I could find her at a thrift store! -jamiestoyblog