Friday, February 10, 2017

Another Cortendorf Figurine Found!

I was able to snag another vintage native island girl figurine, possibly Cortendorf? From IG. I do have the same figurine already, and wanted to add another or replace the one I already owned...

 She arrived safely to me from Australia. Immediately, I checked to make sure she wasn't damaged from her trip, whew, no damage. I placed both ladies side by side. My first island girl on the right has fuller hair, and her original flower, the new gal on the left thinning hair, and no flower. The grass skirt on the left is fuller and not frayed, while the one on the right is fraying and very thin to touch.
 The new gals neck is tilted a bit more and she does need a few touch ups on her face paint, where there are some white spots. Her irises are a bit darker than my old gal.

 Still, she is in lovely condition. Underneath, no sticker, maybe a clone? Because, of the holes and she's a bit smaller with less details. My original gal has the sticker stamp, Japan.
I may decide to add her to my shop, so keep an eye out. She is still a lovely island girl! The temptation to keep her, is hard to deny!! Haha. Just look at them!

Thanks for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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