Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Details About My French Posedoll...

I wanted to share with you a bit more about a unique doll, that I've mostly found through Yahoo Japan auctions. I have not seen them elsewhere. The first time I came across one, was back in 2009! You can read about it, here in my Livejournal post. Then, I found a second one in 2011, here. These are simply beautifully made dolls, especially their faces.

 Mid last year, 2016, there was one up for auction, also a child doll, but sadly, she ended at a really high price. The one from the other day, I won in a Lot. I cleaned her up a bit today, and she looks better. I still have to figure out how to remove the stains without damaging her face paint...

 I started with trying to wipe her hair clean, it was not as productive as I had hoped... Definitely caked on dust and it was hard to try to clean the hair. I took off her dress, underneath she wore a satin top, and panties.
 I removed her ribbons to clean them as well. She has sewn on shoes that match her dress. Her arms hang loosely from the silk top, and her legs can be positioned to sit or stand. Sadly, one leg is shorter, so she can't stand alone. Darn. She has big eyes with eyelashes.

 She is quite huge, much larger than the Sakura doll she came with, about 25 inches long!
 She reminds me of those 1950s little girls.  Once I figure out how to remove the spots on her skin, she will look much better. I also need to figure out how to curl her ponytails?

Another look with the cute yellow doggy. Taby and Sara were a bit scared by her! LOL She will live with me for a while. Teehee ^_~

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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