Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy Sachiyo Blue Bunny!

Yes, I caved and won this cutie via Yahoo Japan! If you want to see my first purchase of Happy Sachiyo's works here in this post?

I have decided, I wanted the blue bunny more, so... the yellow bunny is available if anyone would like to adopt her?! Email me!

Happy Sachiyo notified me that she put another one of her creations up for grabs via Yahoo Japan two weeks ago. I found the link and waited to bid. Just as I thought it would be within a certain range for her price and I won. Yay me! While on my trip last week, I got notification that she had arrived. So, I paid for s/h to my address and she arrived safely to me today!

 As I opened the box, inside, I found cute artificial cherry blossom flowers, a perfect gift and memory, and two silly Rody soft vinyl toys. Awe, you are too kind dear Sachiyo! Extras, always sweet! Just as with the previous bunny, this bunny came in a kawaii box to keep her in, and a blue bow.
 I slowly opened the ribbon to discover, a lovely Happy Sachiyo original tag, on the front side, a cute tag, and on the back some information on the Blue Bunny, like size, etc. and Sachiyo's signature for authenticity.
 I quickly removed the pink tissue paper and there she was... Just too adorable! In the clear sleeve, Sachiyo gave me postcards featuring many of her beautiful creations, along with the blue bunny's picture. Wow, over ten postcards! Awesome!

 I removed the bunny from the box, she is about 28cm tall or about 11 or so inches. She is wearing a wreath of beautiful pastel fabric flowers, and a pastel pink bow.
 Welcome home, sweet little bunny!
 She has 5 points of articulation. You can turn her head, arms, and legs.
 The flowers and tag. I can have her stand or sit. I also took out the yellow bunny to take some photos with. Aren't they just adorable? Cuteness overload, I just love it!

 The blue bunny is definitely larger head-wise as compared to the yellow bunny. While the yellow bunny has longer ears. Seeing them together makes me want to keep them both?! LOL

I also received in the mail today, a customer's commission. This sweet vintage Shih tzu in red and white. She is on her way to United Kingdom. These sweet dogs are rare to find in two colors versus a solid color.
 Also, I opened the only treat I bought myself while in Japan. This cute Furuta Chocolate egg, similar to Kinder eggs. Disney Character version. Inside was a baby oyster character, can't recall what Disney film they are featured in... LOL
 Sara opened Sully, and this cutie, I got. I was hoping to get Alice... Oh well. Haha.

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