Thursday, June 15, 2017

Large Bunny Coin Bank Found!

Yay! I finally, was able to find my large girl bunny coin bank, her man! LOL

While doing searches through ebay France, a seller put up for auction a large bunny coin bank. Sadly, the seller would not allow me to bid, after I inquired. Thank goodness for dear dolly friends that will! Hehe.

We won him last month and he arrived so quickly and safely to me. Yee haw!

 His coloring is not that great and honestly doesn't match my girl bunny at all, but that's okay. He came with his original stopper and did have some issues. No major cracks or markings, but he did have lots of glue residue, and I'm thinking its wax from a glue gun? His neck area might've had something furry around it, thus, the glue gun residue. Along with some rabbit fur that was left behind.
 He also had some sticker price residue on his front leg. I was able to remove most of it. He could use a touch up on his face paint, actually his whole body.
 Wear at the base. So, I added a polka dotted red n white ribbon to cover up his issues for now.

At least they have each other...

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls