Thursday, July 13, 2017

Amazing Finds Are In!

I won a Lot of vintage ceramic coin banks from Yahoo Japan! They arrived to me today and I've already listed a few of the banks in my etsy shop!

 The lovely lot included a Rune Naito panda, sweet deer couple, Ado Mizumori girl, etc...
 This vintage Ado Mizumori girl holding an accordion, is already in my shop! She does have a lot of wear, but she's just adorable and more like Chalkware type coin banks.
 This lovely coin bank is a vintage girl with her cat, looking sad as they both wait for the post. She reminds me of Holly Hobbie with her big hat. Also listed in my shop.
 This sweet green bear, caught my eye when I saw the Lot. Nice big eyes, still has his original ribbon. Also, already listed in my shop.

 This lovely Rune Naiot Panda coin bank, is just too cute! But, sadly he has a chip at the bottom where the rubber stopper is supposed to be. He still looks nice and the chip doesn't show. Great as a figurine decor instead. Listed in my shop.
 This small but sweet floral decor piggy coin bank. Is seen a lot, but maybe he might still get adopted?! Listed in my shop.
 This adorable kitty coin bank, had some issues you can't see, unless you look at her back side. So, I added some glue to the hairline crack, and covered the taped residue at the top of her head with white mohair fur. I'm still deciding on whether I want to keep her or not? LOL

I found another sweet deer couple on a log. Sadly, they were in need of a repaint, and I noticed they were missing their collars...
 So, I started to touch up the boy deer's hat and nose, and then, the girl deer's ribbon. I had some chenille in yellow, and some pearl beads and made collars for each of them...
 What do you think? They are now ready and listed in my shop!

 I also got this Swimmer toothbrush holder in green. Love the green mug, and pretend ice cream top with straw. They came in red, pink, blue, and green. I already miss buying Swimmer products -_-;
Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls