Sunday, July 30, 2017

Busy Days...

It the last week of summer for my girls, before school starts again. So, I've been busy with getting uniforms, making appointments for physicals, etc.

Here are somethings to share...

 We were at Ross, and Taby found some amazing 3D lenticular prints, like this Millenium Falcon. I loved the "Be Kind" frame myself... LOL I didn't buy it. But, I did get a wall shelf set for like $5.49!

 We then, stopped by Tokyo Mart just before leaving the Tamuning area. Here are the goodies I picked below:
 Taiyaki sweet red bean cakes. Just like the one's I've seen from my friends posts. Yum! I also picked up this Coolish vanilla flavored ice cream. Sara loved it most. It not messy and fun to eat.
 The girls wanted this snack making set. They had fun putting it together too!
 I got this Dessert Caramel Corn and Pure Gummies to snack on.

I did get this new old doll fashion for Gigi. I added a bow to it. She's just adorable.

Then on Sunday it was Taby's birthday. My how time flies. This will be her last year in High School!

One of the times I sat in the back seat of the car as we headed home from a long day of being uptown, ugh. The sun was setting, and I saw, this above. A feather like cloud, and the crescent moon... darn power lines in the way though. Ha.

My husband also got in the mail, a gimble. A sort of selfie stick, with stabilizers and he took some amazing footage for our private beach, to show our guests. I was able to take the footage and make mini trailers for our guest house ad!

It was fun, but very time consuming too! LOL

 Thank you so much for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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