Saturday, July 8, 2017

Finally, My Very Own Mamzelle de Paris Doll!

For quite some time, I haven't collected Kiraz dolls, and then, when Mamzelle de Paris came out. I had decided not to collect one, for many reasons... One being space in my doll cabinet, and two, money, and so on...

These amazing reproductions of Kiraz's Poupee de Kiraz, are the more affordable versions. Sadly, they have since sold out, and if you are very good at checking back often, they may just pop up on ebay!

In this case, they did! Now, I can afford one!

These are dolls were found from inventory. So, I bought the Mamzelle de Paris Brigitte with blonde chignon & fringe with red lips, nude, after a lot of convincing myself, to do so. Haha.
 She does come in her panties. She arrived from Hawaii and super fast too! I love her chignon hairstyle, definitely one of my faves. There are a few dolls still listed.... I'm so tempted to get the tan one... oh boy?! Must resist...
 I remember I had gotten one of Diana L. of Matilda Pink on etsy's dresses! Yay!
 She looks amazing in it! I added red polka dotted stockings by Oayt also on etsy!
 And believe it or not, her red shoes are Atomaru's Doran Doran Aram dolls! Yup, she can fit them. Especially, since they don't come with shoes, darn... I know these gals can fit them, and Francie's heels. Well... certain ones.
She's beautiful. The only draw back is the vanilla scent on her. I have a sensitive nose, so strong scents give me headaches. I had to wash her body down. Hopefully, the scent wears out... ugh.

Brings me back to the time I used to own an original Poupee de Kiraz... ahhh, its nice to be able to afford these! Thank you Mike for making them, even if for a short time!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls