Friday, July 7, 2017

What's in Your Mail Box...

Getting tired of the usual, "Here's what came in" So, I opted for something else to say... LOL

Another busy week. I spent Tuesday through Thursday uptown.

I bought some doll size pearl type buttons. Sadly, these buttons were a bit larger than what I normally use on my doll clothes. Still at 100pcs. I will be able to use them on other things, I'm sure.

While doing some searching through ebay Germany, I found this lovely used vintage postcard. The doll on it, is quite the looker! So, lovely. She reminds me of Kiraz type dolls.
 The backside of the postcard. I will have to translate it someday to see what was written.
 Then, I won this lovely vintage vinyl case, with art work by Junichi Takahara. I owned a smaller version of this very same case. It has a lovely mirror and pocket to hold treasures. I have already added this cutie into my etsy shop along with some toy jewelry accessories!

 This lovely vintage decorators nursery decals are just too cute. My fave is the doe. I found it through etsy. It arrived from Canada. Adding this to my meyercord collection of decals.

Last, we decided to watch "Despicable Me 3" at Agana Shopping Center on the 4th of July. It was a good movie, for the kids mostly. Afterwards, Sam wanted to get ice cream, so he suggested we try Fizz & Co.. They are located next door to Tokyo Mart. We went in and sat for some dessert.
 Lovely 1950's dining decor. Loved it! The wall opposite, was filled with fluorescent colored writing, everywhere! Wish we could've written something... next time!
 Their shakers were small coke bottles too! So cute! I had a raspberry cream soda, Sam had a sundae, Sara had a crazy cotton candy milkshake, and Taby had vanilla ice cream.

 Everything was delish. A nice place to go to for desserts. Then, on Thursday, after Taby's dental appointment. We went to the Goody Store, I picked up these yummy tea cakes... Genji Pie, made in Japan. Delicious buttery tasting cookies, that are light and fluffy... just melt in your mouth goodness! mmm...

 Wish I had gotten more. Oh well. I hope you all had a great week?

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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