Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Sweet Gift and More...

I received some cute items today and a special gift as well!

Do you recall a music box I got recently, here? The one is missing its ballerina dancer... Well, I was contacted by a follower via IG and she offered to give me a ballerina she had, that would be great for my music box?! I told her, she was much to kind, but, she insisted, and the amazing little gift arrived to me today!

Sweet Melody, even added some retro cute cut outs, stickers, etc. inside...
 Such a cute little gift, that made my day! The little flower on top, is a clip on earring! So cool too!

 The amazing ballerina! She is the magnetic type that is needed for the music box. That way she can dance around as the music box plays...
 I tried her out and she's perfect! Thank you again Melody!
 Her kindness, reminds me that there are a lot of good people in our world, more so than bad. Thank goodness!

I also received this second Herman Pecker blonde version called, Boots from ebay. I had a red head before. This one is just as cute and she will be added to my shop soon. Lovely, felt button jacket top, white skirt, I added the red dotted scarf and her original red boots. This doll reminds me of a larger version of Tsukuda's Chika-chan.

 I also received this lovely vintage pin cushion chair! Yup, number 5! I saw a seller via etsy have this very cute chair, in her photos. I figured it didn't hurt to ask if she was willing to sell, and she was! Yippee!
 It is the best version, I've found, besides, the minty girls on the chair sets I got recently. Sadly, the cushion is not as thick, for large pins stay on. Maybe just small sewing pins, perhaps?
 A lovely addition to my collection. It is my favorite too.

Then, my son, gave me these cute Totoro figures, from Studio Ghibli. They are cute anime characters. So, I took some quick shots around the yard with them...

It was fun too!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls