Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Want to Make a Furry Figurine?

Here's a quick way you can create those really cute vintage furry figurines you see in some collectors photos. I was asked a few times, on how I made the furry cutie here in this post. So, naturally, I'd rather share how I did it via blog post!

You saw the cute little deer shakers I bought through etsy in this post here... Here's what I had planned for them...

You can find this type of faux fur mohair fabric at craft stores, but if you want the nice soft quality long mohair, you can find them at specialty stores. Mine are from an etsy shop, link is in the post at the top. I prefer long hair mohair. I got mine in hot pink and olive green.
 Choose, the color you want for the figurine. Make sure the figurine is clean and prepped for gluing, before anything. After choosing the desired fur to use on the figurine.

Place the fabric upside down, with the fur on the underside, and the fabric facing you. I cute along the back side of the fabric fur, that way you can avoid cutting the long hairs, by accident. Take the piece you cut and gently pull the excess hairs off, because eventually they will fall off, and can get stuck in the glue, making a mess.

That way its clean and ready to glue onto the figurine, when you are ready. I chose to make small cuts of fur long ways, because I am trying to, make it so that the leftover fabric is still presentable to use for photo shoots.
 I cut the fabric in small sections for the shakers, which are small anyways. Then, I cut to size the piece I will use, and start with the neck line of the figurine. I cute a long swatch, and place around the neck line to measure and fit. Once, that is done, you can glue that piece down. Since they are small the one piece will cover them completely and you won't need to cut and glue more. But, for larger figurines you will have to cut more.

Next, start with one side of the face, left or right and then, do the opposite side. Work your way towards the back of the head. Now, be sure to make the faux hair, side ways as you place it on the front side of the face, that way its falls naturally, like a hairline.

Once you've finished covering the figurine completely, with exception of the face. Use a Barbie brush or your fingers to style the hair. If everything looks nice and you are happy with the results...

Finally, you can make a bow with ribbons or if you have the ready made versions like I do from the daiso store. Dab a little bit of glue on the backside of the bow, and place the bow on the neckline of the fur just underneath the mouth of the figurine. Ta DA! You have yourself a little furry cutie!

 They turned out adorable. I wanted to repaint their eyes, but I think leaving it was better. They are still cute. Now, they look like a cat or dog instead of deer. LOL
 I choose them, because their ears and face paint were similar to the large furry figurines I've seen.
 While you are working on projects like these, its good to have some Japanese snacks to savor. This one was from Tokyo Mart on Guam. My first time to try. They are delish! Dark chocolate and coconut goodness! "Hi Chocolat Beaute".
Thank you for reading and have fun making furries! ~ ggsdolls

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