Saturday, February 17, 2018

Marina Hair Clips, Valentines Feels, Etc.

It's been quite a busy week for me! I was definitely surprised by my husband and not expecting anything for Valentine's Day. Especially because, we decided to just do things simple from now on... Ha, not the case! I got up as per usual to see the girls off to school. When I came out to pack Sara's lunch, this is what I saw on the dining table!! Whoa! Roses, a sweet huge bear, basket with chocolates, a balloon, on the computer desk he left me a card a rose with chocolates, flavored popcorn and more chocolates. Here, all I just got him was a card!!
 He definitely tricked me this time... Thank you my love. I truly appreciate the gifts and feel the love. Then, we left uptown to take care of some errands. For lunch we ate at Ruby Tuesdays, my treat for his Vday, and I had the Squash Marinara Spaghetti. Very filling indeed. Love the colors too!
 I was telling Taby I wanted to try out this place I saw via IG, called, "Bubbly Tea Cafe". We stopped by and while Sam had a Chocolate Truffle Frappe and Taby a Vanilla Bean Frappe, I opted for the Strawberry n cream milk tea with strawberry gels. I even got it in this cool bulb bottle! I've seen them advertised, but in Japan or Korea mostly. So, it was definitely a treat to find it here on little ole' Guam!! Yippee! If you haven't gone there you must, that's if your on island?! LOL
 While at the insurance place to do paper work, I was sitting, and notice.... Whoa, look at this view! From their conference office, you can see all of central Guam. Whoa, if I was in that meeting I would probably be zoned out, from the scenery! Haha.
 Later, that day my nephew stopped by, he was adamant that I'd be home, and he dropped this off. Awe, you are too sweet my boy. He gave me a carnation and a letter. Love you Manny John!
 Even Happy Sachiyo likes the carnation flower!
 I did get in the mail this lot of plastic instruments that are miniatures. I wanted to try to replace the one missing on my angels. Now, to find the wings...

Now, on to the Marina hair clips!! A ggsdolls creation in my shop very soon!
I ordered these lovely white pearl like flower cabs, but they got lost in the mail and took over 2 months to arrive. Not fun. You see, I've been wanting to make the beautiful pearl flower hair pin, Marina wears in the Toei Animation of "The Little Mermaid". So, these flowers seemed very much similar to the one she wears. A bit small, but still lovely. I was able to also find hot pink glass pearl beads, from etsy. The bobbie pins I've had in a box for some time. I also decided to make them with a different type of clip. See more below...
 Bobbie pin and also in a silver bendable clip style.
Sara modeling them for me. I like the Bobbie pin most.

 I hope to have them listed in my etsy shop soon.
 I also decided to do some fun photos while we were at the beach!

Now, back to working on my taxes, ewww, yuck! Haha.

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls