Monday, May 23, 2011

Back at home...

Back on Guam, and trying to get back into the swing of things. Before leaving WA, I was able to order and receive these delicious gourmet caramel apples from Sinfully Sweet Apple Co. in CA. They don't ship to Guam so I figured we'd try some and they were amazing.

My father decided to continue to live with my oldest brother, and my sister is pretty much settle in and just awaiting for her husband and daughter to come out so that the move is final. My two younger brothers are also with my Dad a bit longer, which makes me feel so much better, cause at least they are all with him to keep him busy and moving. I notice that my Dad is much more relieved these days knowing his wife is at peace. Because for so long he had been my Mother's caregiver, and he was one to pay more attention to my mother's health than his own. And recently we had gotten worried that he wasn't taking care of himself, but my eldest brother will make sure he gets himself checked healthwise.

I miss many of my daily rituals, but its hard knowing I can't physically see my Mom. But life goes on and so must I. Glad to be home... - ggsdolls

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