Friday, December 30, 2011

Amazing Dumpling Dynasty Tin!!

OMG, I recently was shown several amazing tins by a dear flickr friend/Christine from another fellow flickrstream. I immediately fell in love with the styling and goodies that were inside. So, as a small Christmas gift to myself, I found this one via by Dumpling Dynasty or Wu & Wu tins.

A cute retro style pigtail kit, which holds some really cute style hair ties, clips, etc. and also a mirror and comb! When I saw it while searching, I immediately, was taken back to some memories of my sister brushing my hair and placing similar clips and hair ties on my head!

The top section has pair of lovely large round ball hair ties, gingham bows, butterfly, flower clips, and shells too! Sadly, one of them was broken during transit, but I am trying to crazy glue them and see if I can fix em'!

Then, underneath is where the mirror and comb sit in red. How cool is this tin set!! I also found another that was actually one that I saw on the flickrstream that Christine showed me...a jewelry box set. I fell in love with the artwork on it and can't wait for its arrival too! OH gosh, I am hooked, hopefully I won't want to collect them all...eeesh! Still, I may want to get two of these sets, one to use on my dolls or daughters and one to save!! LOL! thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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