Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jolly toys Clone Doll like Migliorati!!

For some time while doing searches for more flirty eye dolls. I came across a somewhat clone doll of my Migliorati Dolls. This doll has the same body design, hands, and feet as the Mig's but the face is not as beautiful and flirty as the original. Still I was able to find one MIB and in great condition to compare the two dolls...

Made by Jolly Toys 1963. This doll is called "Nikki" She has the cheaper plastic as with any clone more hard and stiff, and her body seems a bit smaller and slender. Probably after the molding process.

Here is a comparison side by side of their hands.

You can see the differences in the faces and the color of their bodies. The head sits straight, but the Mig's head is at an angle almost facing down.

Still the Jolly Toy doll has an interesting look to her face and same pouty lips. I will use her body to complete the Mig head I got in the two doll Lot, or I might just use her arms and legs? more to come soon... - ggsdolls

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