Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas from my Family to yours!

We actually put up our tree earlier this month, one in our bedroom, and one in the living room. My daughters helped me with both. I wanted to wait to take photos because I had purchased via etsy a lovely vintage tree topper. It finally came, and now, I was able to take photos this past weekend!
The top was taken at night to show off the lights, and the bottom one was during the day. See the coconuts trees from the window! I loved how it turned out. The vintage tree topper is a treasure! Now, I just need to find matching vintage tree ornaments!! LOL! Notice the stockings on the windows?! We don't need fireplaces here...So, I have to be creative!

Here you can see a bit of my small Christmas in the bedroom. Along with my lovely babies enjoying the holiday season. I hope you all are enjoying it too! - ggsdolls


  1. Merry Christmas to you to! The tree looks great!

  2. Lilsdolls, thank you dear! Happy Holidays! hugs,gg

    Missesgrim, Thank you also dearest! hugs, gg

  3. Wonderful Holidays & a happy new year
    for you and your family also!


  4. Irmchen, thanks dear so much! Hope you are having a wonderful one as well! Much love, gg

  5. where u got the dolls from?? wanted to get one also:)

    1. You can often find these dolls thru etsy or on ebay! Just search for soft dolls! Good luck! hugs, gg